New MP3 module let your audio own new functions!
2018-07-25 05:57:05
J&K IDEAL (HK) CO., LTD provides new product JK005 LED FM MP3 module.
JK005 Functions:
USB/SD-MP3/FM/Line in/LED DISPLAY/IR Remote/Panel, DC12V,5V
JK005 Advantage:
1, New Panel with more keys, 8keys. Can control MP3 module simply.
2, LED display with bigger than before LED, such as JK6890,JK5229.
This module has multimedia MP3 audio decoder board, which highly integrated single-chip. And add extra signal switch, USB / SD switch, LED display. The chief advantages are fast user-friendly and convenient. What’s more, not only enrich programs with radio feature, but also enhance the U disk and SD compatibility.
Applications :
Pro audio, Mixer, HI-FI system ,  Boom Box ,embedded Audio systems, AV amplifier, massage chairs, electronic gifts, electronic toys and so on.